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Fakemon: Qinglong, Qingryu, Wakairyu :iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 0 0 Cute Merr Valentine card :iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 0 0
Fire Emblem Peace :iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 1 0 Fire Emblem Kamui :iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 0 0 Fire Emblem Dragon :iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 1 0 Dragon from Fire Emblem 14 :iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 0 0
Pokemon Fanfic:The Very Best Chapter2:Sycamore Lab
Our journey continues, Ryan has defeated Viola; the first Gym Leader who uses bug types, Kristen caught a Ralts in the wild and Jordan continued to complete his Pokedex...
Fennekin, Chespin, Froakie and Fletchling both evolved and became stronger... the gang are now in Lumiose City.
"Hnnn!" Kristen dropped to the ground exhausted from the walking "Weak... " teased Ryan from behind. Kristen sobbed a little. "Anyway, there's a Pokemon Centre just ahead so we can rest in there."
"Here are your Pokemon, all healthy!" The three took their Pokemon back, Goomy didn't have a Poke Ball so it clung onto Kristen's shoulder and Fletchinder perched on Ryan's shoulder.
Before they left, each of their Holo Casters started to ring, it was from Professor Sycamore "Hey guys! So how's your journey going? If you've arrived at Lumiose City, could
you come to my lab?" The message ended. "I wonder what this is for..." Jordan wondered.
"Umm... more importantly, where is his lab? There's like hundreds of
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Pokemon Fanfic:The Very Best Chapter 1: Beginnings
Have you ever wanted to become a Pokemon Master? Of course the answer is yes, but the biggest question is... what kind of Pokemon Master do you want to be? Some seek to collect every single Pokemon that exists, others want to treat Pokemon equally to humans and lastly, some wish to make their Pokemon the strongest.
This is a story about three childhood friends on a quest to become Pokemon masters.
"Hey! Get up already!" shouted a voice on the ground floor. Ryan slept away unmoved by the constant calls from his mother. Ryan's mother glances at his Fletchling as it bounced across the kitchen chirping.
"So it all comes down to this huh?" The innocent Fletchling tilted its head and flew upstairs to its owner, landed on his chest and gave him a "wake up call".
"It's about time he got up," his mother laughed.
Ryan got dressed and quickly came down, his Fletchling perched on his shoulder. "I hope you haven't forgotten that letter from Professor Sycamore, right?" his m
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School Blackout
" Here's a book, you can write whatever you feel like to help your anxiety " the tall woman slowly got off her seat towards the computer, suddenly everything flashed for a second and the room was pitch black, the girls heart beat faster in shock.
" It's okay, it's just a blackout "
The girl heard screaming; footsteps became louder and louder as two students came closer, the  teacher sensed something strange and got up
" Hold on, I'll check what is going on " the girl waited till the teacher came back
" Looks like we will have to keep this on hold, we need to evacuate quickly ".
The girl reached outside; stampede of students passed in two lines and teachers running around screaming to students to evacuate the school
" What's wrong? "
" The powerbox exploded, there was fire and smoke everywhere... anyway you should be with the others " the English teacher lead her to the oval; the smell of rotten weeds and swampy dirt filled her senses, eventually her friends were in sight
"Are you
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Kitten-san :iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 1 0
Golden Sun 4 possible ending
Location: Mercury Caverns - Deep Center
Alex collapsed in front of them; panting, trembling and beading with sweat " No way.... Children to.... Defeat... Me? " Riku forced himself up from the ground and staggered towards his friends, he helped Nowell up on her feet " I'll heal everyone up " Rief slowly pushed himself up and sat with Matthews party " I'll take care of this side! " after everyone was up and in full condition, Riku glanced at the badly injured Alex, he hesitated till Felix placed his hand on his shoulder and shook his head slowly " He has caused so much sorrow Riku, I think it's time for him to take what he deserves " Riku and Felix went off to meet their friends, all hope was lost in Alex's eyes and fainted.
Matthew thoroughly checked Karis, Tyrell and Riefs wounds, he nodded to Riku " my party is fine, but i'll have to carry Karis since her legs were badly injured. Is your party fine? " Riku gave him a warm smile " that's great! your party is in good condition " Matthew
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Cicada Block Golden Sun :iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 2 3
Heroes of Cray Chapter 28: Fighting the Storm
Chapter 28: Fighting the Storm
Aichi: It's suddenly dark in here, am I going the right way?
He bumped into something hard, as his eyes adjusted he could see a knob.
Aichi: This must be it... but I didn't expect it to look so... normal
He turned the knob and walked inside, the room was pitch black, he was startled by the
sound of thunder and the room flashed once.
Aichi: Someone is in here
???: There's 2 people in here....
Aichi looked at the far right, in the corner was a injured male.
Xroly: Something isn't right.. it must be the Void corrupting this place.
Aichi looked down at his feet, something was creeping up his leg, he shook it off.
Xroly: I guess since we are qualia users the Voids powers are slowed down.. I already saw
someone who got fully controlled over it but that person is out of this room.
Aichi: I knew something didn't feel right.. more importantly are you OK?
With the spare energy he held he let out a weak laugh.
Xroly: I already lost but it seems that I can't leave th
:iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 1 0
Heroes of Cray Chapter 27: Rematch of the Paladins
Chapter 27: Rematch of the Paladins
Hand: 5  ( Sagramore )  ( Blond Ezel ) ( Beaumains )
        ( Tron )       ( Corron )       ( RG )
Damage: 3
Hand: 7  ( RG )       ( Vortimer )    ( RG )
        ( RG )         ( RG )          ( RG )
Damage: 4
The air became tense, both were in a tight spot struggling to take the winning spot.
Ren: Stand and draw!
Hand: 8
Ren's mind: I didn't think he would target all my rears to block off Vortimers Ride skill.. his skill would be helpful.
Ren: I Ride Spectral Duke Dragon! and call 2 Sagramores, 2 Gareths and Tron!
( Sagramore )       ( Vortimer )    ( Sagramore )
( Gareth )          ( Tron )        ( Gareth )
Hand: 2
Ren: Boosted  by Gareth, Left Sagramore attacks!
Damage Check: No trigger
Ren: Boosted by Tron, D
:iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 0 0
Heroes of Cray Chapter 26: The Royale Begins
Chapter 26: The Royale Begins
Aichi: I Ride! Platna Ezel and I activate his Ultimate Break!
Player: Ack! I lost!
Both felt a small tremor and what appeared before them was a door, Aichi walked in to find
his challenger in a large arena, he could hear the cheering of many challengers who have
just lost.
Ren: Looks like destiny was right, isnt this going to be fun? We get to cardfight once
Aichi: Are you sure about this? If you los-
Ren: Thats boring thinking about the possibilities, its not like I'm going to lose this
match easily, c'mon let's enjoy our moment with this battle
Each prepared their starting hand, rays of light erupted around them as the hologram activated.
Aichi: Wow! This is the first time I seen this happen here
Ren: Isnt it amazing? Ok, i'm ready
Both: Stand Up, Vanguard!
Aichi: Dreaming Sage, Corron!
Ren: Black Dragon Whelp, Vortimer!
Aichi watched in amazement as Corron was before him, it looked so realistic.
Ren: We should start now, everyone is getting bored
:iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 0 1
Heroes of Cray Chapter 25: Unwanted guests
Chapter 25: Unwanted guests
Dennis lay completely still on his back, all he could see was the dark clouds forming above and lightning crossing the sky.
Dennis: How long will the effects last?
He tried to life his arm but could only move his fingers
Dennis: I’m going to be here for a while....
Rolfagia: We’re almost there, keep running and pick up the pace!
Winds~: This is as fast as I can go!
She collapsed on her knees, panting.
Rolfagia: I’m not sure if we can spent much time resting
Mickey: We have all the time we need, since we are at our destination
Rolfagia looked down, the stadium that the royale was being held shone with many colors,
it looked beautiful during night.
Mickey: Daiken didn’t plan to interrupt this time, if something went out of control, we
could easily jump in and intervene
Daiken: Oi guys, its starting
Charlene and Gillian: Officer Cadet, Astrea!
Xroly: Spring Breeze Messenger!
Aichi: Dreaming Sage, Corron!
Aichi looked over to Xroly’
:iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 0 2
Heroes of Cray Chapter 23: Disturbance
Chapter 23: Disturbance
Leon: Is everything going according to plan?
???: Perfectly, Master
???: Hey, Gilliane... should we really be doing this?
Gilliane: Of course Charlene! If we follow Master Leons orders we can live the peaceful
live we used to live
Leon and Gilliane walked towards the long corridor, Charlene glanced at Dennis, he was
sitting in the corner alone looking through the window
Charlene: You don't like this feeling too?
Dennis reached his hand out and patted the girls head gently
Dennis: There are times were I cant follow this kid anymore, he is now walking over a path
which I'm not ready to walk on
Dennis pushed Charlene towards the door, the girl tried to resist
Dennis: Look after the kid for me, OK? i'll be fine here by myself
Charlene hesitated, soon she rushed to her members disappearing from his sight.
Neo: Your finally here Kira, what took you so long?
Kira and Aichi were panting, it was still dark with little lighting and it was strangely silent
Kira: I had to b
:iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 1 6
Chapter 22: Platinum EzelSc
Chapter 22: Platinum Ezel
Screams filled the arena, the team Dark Sky Eclipse was crowned victorious in the Malasian
Circuit, everyone was sent back to their home countries to await for the opening of the
circuit to determain the true winner.
Kamui: I dont see the reason to watch the whole circuit...
Shin: So you can get a early look at who will be your opponents, were you not amazed by
their skill?
Misaki: it was interesting, especally the girl who used that clan...
Aichi's mind: Shadow Paladin.. come to think of it Kagero was seen many times, I still
need more answers
a group of teenagers walked in to Card Capital, the gangs faces lit up with a smile
Ren: Hows my Q4?
Aichi: Ren! everyone!
Asaka, Tetsu and Kai gave a small wave, Aichi noticed that the three were not happy, they
looked worried
Misaki: Asaka, seems like your not yourself today huh? not enough sleep?
Asaka: I'm not in the mood to chat with you girl
Aichi stared at Ren, he seemed his normal self being an airhead
Asaka: Ma
:iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 2 2
Heroes of Cray: Chapter 21
Chapter 21: Reunion
Misaki: Shin, why are we going to Malaysia?
Shin: Coach… and it's because this will be our chance to see how other teams fight, and we
will be able to see the last team to the finals
Misaki stared outside the plane window, clouds blocked the view and only the sea could be
Misaki: If you say so, will we be fighting this time?
Shin: All the spots were taken I'm afraid, for now we will be watching
Kamui: I see it!
Q4 leaned over to Kamui's side of the window, an island could be seen, Kamui pointed
towards the large dome.
Shin: There's our destination, the Malaysian Circuit!
Aichi: The last team will be chosen to fight with all the other winning teams…
The teams all came together in the centre of the dome, the opening ceremony was about to
MC Miya: Welcome everyone to the Malaysian Circuit! I'm your host, MC Miya!
Dr. O: Dr. O is here! I hope to see more exciting matches!
After the pop idol group Ultra Rare sung, everyone all looked towards the sta
:iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 2 0
Heroes of Cray: Chapter 20
Chapter 20: Spirit of fighting
Aichi: Limit Break!
Check: Sagramore G3
Aichi: I call Gareth and Sleygal Dagger!
Sagramore Ezel Sword
Gareth Messenger Dagg
Aichi: Boosted by Sleygal Dagger, Sleygal Sword attacks!
Damage Check: Flame of Victory
Daiken: Power to the Vanguard
Aichi: Boosted by Messenger, Ezel attacks!
The warrior leaps high up into the air, now he was charging towards his clone.
Daiken: Mark guards!
Ezel was stopped; he leaped back to his position with his allies and glared at the clone
Twin Drive: Silent Punisher ( Critical Trigger ) and Sagramore
Aichi: All to Sagramore!, Boosted by Gareth, Sagramore attacks!
Daiken: I'll let that pass
Damage Check: Dagger and Garmore
Aichi: Turn end
Hand 6 damage 5 ( 2 flipped )
Rolfagia: Draw! I Ride Dragonic Kaiser Vermilion! I call Wyvern Cannon and Red River
Cannon  Verm  Dragoon
River   Spark    Red River
Rolfagia: Boosted by Red River Thunderstorm attacks!
Damage Check: Thunde
:iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 2 0
Heroes of Cray: Chapter 19
Chapter 19: A new partner
The shadowy figures got closer and closer, soon they could clearly see them
Rolfagia: Hey Q4!
Rolfagia saluted, Aichi and the others stood there staring, they were clueless why he did
Daiken: It's a greeting, anyways welcome Q4
Misaki: Who are you!?
Rolfagia: You guys forgot about me already? How mean!
Kamui: Urmmm no, I think she meant that guy
Kamui's finger pointed to the blonde boy, Daiken looked a little annoyed by the sudden
Daiken: At least ask nicely, I'm Daiken I organise important events like this...
Rolfagia: Well since Dai does all the big stuff in the team we sometimes call him our team
leader but really we have no leaders
Daiken kept staring at Aichi than to his team mates.
Daiken: Didn't expect you to bring the whole gang...
Shin: Is that a problem? I didn't know we were not allowed to bring our whole team
Rolfagia: No no, you're allowed to bring them all along its just....
Rolfagia panned his eyes at Aichi.
Rolfagia: Your team is
:iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 1 0
Heroes of Cray: Chapter 18
Chapter 18: Tag team Tri
Chris: Leo pald attacks!
Blaster: No guard....
Within seconds the blades of Leo pald had pierced Blasters Navalgazer Dragon; he packed
his cards up and glared at Neo.
Chris: Where's Lee?
Neo: His match was finished long ago
Chris: what!?
Blaster: Time pauses over in the real world but in this case time has stopped here so your
friend hasn't noticed you gone
Chris felt panic deep down; he took a deep breath and deactivated his Psyqualia.
Chris: When can I go back?
Neo: When we have our fight, you up for it?
Chris nodded, Neo took Blasters place, placed his deck and quickly got ready, and Chris
did the same.
Both: Stand up!
Chris: Flask Marmoset
Neo: Dimensional Robo, Goyusha
Chris gazed at new unit, it was a small alien and it looked harmless.
Neo: Draw, I Ride Dimensional Robo, Daimariner! Goyusha is moved to the back row and I end
my turn
Hand 5
Chris mind: I have never seen this kind of build before, I'll still win anyways
Chris: Draw, I Ride Silver Wolf, I m
:iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 2 1
Heroes of Cray: Chapter 17
Chapter 17: The Letter
The gang took a slow stride, Vanessa soon caught up and swung her arms around Vendette,
Neo comforted her.
Vanessa: Arte... Arte is....
Mickey: We know. It's best if we just leave it for another time. Let's go Vanessa
Vendette: We have a tournament to go to; we should try and concentrate on the matches
Neo: Try and think of it as fighting for him
Vanessa wiped her tears with her sleeve; she was back to her bubbly self and hugged
everyone tightly.
Vanessa: Thank you guys; I'll try my best for him... I want to see his smile
Chris: What's this?
Chris bent over and picked up a sealed envelope under his pillow, Lee and Ali sat beside
him to see what's inside, he opened it carefully and a small golden paper dropped on the
Ali: Hmm?
Ali picked it up; it was cut in a shape of a bird with long feathers like a long tail, its
wings raised up gracefully and its head up and beak open.
Ali: A bird
Lee: Ali, look here!
Ali craned his head to read the letter that was insi
:iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 0 0
Heroes of Cray: Chapter 16
Chapter 16: Kai's Past 2
Miwa: Kai! Where are you going?
Kai ran up a steep hill, he raised his Dragonic Overlord card up in the air.
Kai: Rise! Dragonic Overlord!
Miwa: Seesh, still imagining things again?
Vendette soon joined up with Miwa, he was panting from running.
Vendette: Kai is cool when he is like that
Miwa: Huh?
He places his hands in his pockets; he seemed relaxed seeing Kai in his own world.
Vendette: Nothing, it's just me
Miwa: Kai! Come down so we can take a picture!
Kai slipped and was rolling down. Fast! He stopped when he crashed into the two but they
were all laughing.
Kai: OK!
It was dark and they had to get home, Kai wondered why Vendette wasn't leaving yet.
Kai: Your parents are not worried about you this late? Ven?
He scratched at the back of his neck and straightened up.
Vendette: Umm, they don't mind it; I'll leave after I do something here
Kai just shook it off and waved, inside he thought that it was strange at the age of 4 to
be out this late, he has never s
:iconwind-adepts:Wind-Adepts 0 0


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