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" Here's a book, you can write whatever you feel like to help your anxiety " the tall woman slowly got off her seat towards the computer, suddenly everything flashed for a second and the room was pitch black, the girls heart beat faster in shock.
" It's okay, it's just a blackout "
The girl heard screaming; footsteps became louder and louder as two students came closer, the  teacher sensed something strange and got up
" Hold on, I'll check what is going on " the girl waited till the teacher came back
" Looks like we will have to keep this on hold, we need to evacuate quickly ".

The girl reached outside; stampede of students passed in two lines and teachers running around screaming to students to evacuate the school
" What's wrong? "
" The powerbox exploded, there was fire and smoke everywhere... anyway you should be with the others " the English teacher lead her to the oval; the smell of rotten weeds and swampy dirt filled her senses, eventually her friends were in sight
"Are you guys okay? "
" Yeah, did you hear the bang? it seriously scared the hell out of me! " all eyes turned to the principle
" Everyone! Get into your home groups! " everyone were grouped into their home groups, in the middle of the oval teachers grouped together to talk; muttering and denial could be heard.
Rushed job is rushed but basically my part of the story of what happened this morning at school, it will be different to other students :3 Hope the electricity comes back tomorrow...
Seriously that day scared me xD
( Wth does this come under? random category is random )
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May 28, 2013
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