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Chapter 26: The Royale Begins

Aichi: I Ride! Platna Ezel and I activate his Ultimate Break!

Player: Ack! I lost!

Both felt a small tremor and what appeared before them was a door, Aichi walked in to find
his challenger in a large arena, he could hear the cheering of many challengers who have
just lost.

Ren: Looks like destiny was right, isnt this going to be fun? We get to cardfight once

Aichi: Are you sure about this? If you los-

Ren: Thats boring thinking about the possibilities, its not like I'm going to lose this
match easily, c'mon let's enjoy our moment with this battle

Each prepared their starting hand, rays of light erupted around them as the hologram activated.

Aichi: Wow! This is the first time I seen this happen here

Ren: Isnt it amazing? Ok, i'm ready

Both: Stand Up, Vanguard!

Aichi: Dreaming Sage, Corron!

Ren: Black Dragon Whelp, Vortimer!

Aichi watched in amazement as Corron was before him, it looked so realistic.

Ren: We should start now, everyone is getting bored

Aichi: Oh right! I Ride Gareth and end my turn

Hand: 5 ( RG ) ( Gareth ) ( RG )

               ( RG ) ( Corron ) ( RG )

Ren: I Ride Scout of Darkness, Vortimer! I use it's effect

Ren sends Spectral Duke Dragon to his hand

Ren: I call Falcon Knight and attack!

Drive Check: No Trigger

Damage Check: Draw Trigger ( Hand 6 )

Ren: Tch, I end my turn

Hand 6 ( RG ) ( Vortimer ) ( RG )

              ( RG )  ( Falcon ) ( RG )

Aichi: I Ride Beaumains and call 2 more! Left Beaumains attacks!

Damage Check: Critical Trigger

Ren: Power to my Vanguard

Aichi: Corron boosts My Vanguard and attacks!

Drive Check: No Trigger

Damage Check: No Trigger

Aichi: Beaumains is too weak... I end my turn

Hand: 5 ( Beaumains ) ( Beaumains ) ( Beaumains )

                ( RG )                     ( Corron )       ( RG )

Damage 1

Ren: I Ride Black Dragon Knight, Vortimer! and I use its skill

Ren retires Falcon Knight and Checks 2 cards from the top of his deck ( Chrome Jailer
Dragon and Duke Dragon )

Aichi: Whoa! 2 Grade 3 already

???: It's too early to decide

Aichi's mind: Was that a voice?

Ren: Jailer Dragon attacks the Vanguard!

Aichi: Oh, No guard

Damage Check: No Trigger

Ren: Vortimer attacks!

Drive Check: No Trigger

Damage Check: No Trigger

Ren: Half way till you lose, I hope you're not going easy on me, Duke attacks!

Aichi: Left Beaumains intercepts!

Ren: Awww well thats the end of my turn

Hand: 7 ( Duke ) ( Vortimer ) ( Jailer )

                ( RG )       ( RG )              ( RG )

Aichi: I Ride Blond Ezel! and Call Sagramore and Tron!, Beaumains attacks Duke Dragon!

Ren: No Guard

Sagramore attacks Vortimer!

Damage Check: No Trigger

Aichi felt a sharp pain to the head, his ears were ringing.

Aichi: Whats... happening?.

Emi: Damn Charging Lance! Now my Phantom Blaster Dragon is a total of 31,000 and 3

Winds~: So that's how you are coming at me... Hmm

Winds~ looked towards the roof, her expression unchanged.

Emi: Hey! I'm your opponent, don't turn your back on me

Winds~: Oh, sorry, I thought I felt something brush past my shoulder, I Guard with 2 Spark
Edge Dracokid and a Dragon Dancer Catharina!

Emi: Tch

Twin Drive: No Trigger

Emi: My turn ends

Hand 2 ( Fatalita ) ( Blaster Dragon ) ( Fatalita )

               ( RG )             ( RG )                             ( RG )

Winds~: OK, Dragonic Kaiser Vermilion, THE BLOOD activates his Ultimate Break! Vermilion
attacks your front row with a total of 28,000 plus a Critical

Emi: I... don't have enough to guard..

Twin Drive: No Trigger

Damage Check: Stand Trigger

Emi: Wrong one.... I lost...

Emi slowly disappeared in a well of light, she muttered some words before she was
teleported away from the arena, the door was still locked.

Winds~: Hmm, seems like I can't advance till I defeat all the players below.

Rolfagia: Dragonic Overlord, THE END attacks Pencil Knight!

Chris: I guard with Cobra and Casanet Donkey! As long as you don't get a trigger, i'll be

Twin Drive: No Trigger and a Stand Trigger

Chris: Ack!

Rolfagia: I give the power to my Vanguard and Stand Bahr behind and activate THE ENDs
Persona Blast!

Rolfagia stands his Vanguard.

Rolfagia: Boosted by Bahr THE END attacks Polaris!

Chris: I can't guard this... No Guard

Twin Drive: No Trigger

Rolfagia: Once again, I activate his Persona Blast again!

Chris: Madness!

Rolfagia stands his Vanguard again

Rolfagia: Dragonic Overlord, THE END attacks your Vanguard!

Twin Drive: No Trigger

Damage Trigger: No Trigger

Chris: No way....

Aichi: Boosted by Corron, Ezel attacks Jailer Dragon

Ren: What!?

Aichi: Did I do something wrong?

Ren: No... No Guard

Twin Drive: No Trigger, Stand Trigger

Aichi: I stand Sagramore and attacks the Vanguard

Damage Check: No Trigger

Aichi: My turn ends

Hand: 5  ( Sagramore )  ( Blond Ezel ) ( Beaumains )

                   ( Tron )                 ( Corron )             ( RG )
Damage: 3

Daiken: Hmm so it's begun.
New computer yet again xD sorry for the long wait

Known Heroes:

Sea Hero: Souryu Leon ( Water )
Storm Hero: Winds~ ( Water ) - Guardian -
Holy Hero: Mickey ( Light )
Insect Hero: Raikou ( Earth ) - Researcher -
Blaze Hero: Vendette ( Fire ) - Fighter -
Demon Hero: Rolfagia ( Dark ) - Researcher -
Paladin Hero: Sendou Aichi ( Earth/Light )
Wolf Hero: Xroly ( Earth ) - Guardian -
Garden Hero: Leo ( Earth ) - Guardian -
Marine Hero: Blaster ( Water ) - Guardian -
Sky Hero: Daiken ( All ) - Guardian/Fighter -
Shadow Hero: Emi ( Dark ) - Guardian - Out
Gold Hero: Ren ( Earth ) - Fighter -

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