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Chapter 25: Unwanted guests

Dennis lay completely still on his back, all he could see was the dark clouds forming above and lightning crossing the sky.

Dennis: How long will the effects last?

He tried to life his arm but could only move his fingers

Dennis: I’m going to be here for a while....

Rolfagia: We’re almost there, keep running and pick up the pace!

Winds~: This is as fast as I can go!

She collapsed on her knees, panting.

Rolfagia: I’m not sure if we can spent much time resting

Mickey: We have all the time we need, since we are at our destination

Rolfagia looked down, the stadium that the royale was being held shone with many colors,
it looked beautiful during night.

Mickey: Daiken didn’t plan to interrupt this time, if something went out of control, we
could easily jump in and intervene

Daiken: Oi guys, its starting

Charlene and Gillian: Officer Cadet, Astrea!

Xroly: Spring Breeze Messenger!

Aichi: Dreaming Sage, Corron!

Aichi looked over to Xroly’s side

Aichi: Messenger huh? So he must be using a different ace

Gillian: Oi! I’m your opponent here, so pay attention

Aichi: Sorry..., Draw

Hand 6

Aichi: I Ride, Gareth, I move Corron behind and end my turn

Hand 5

Gillian: Draw, I Ride Theo and move Astrea behind, I call another Theo and attack your

Damage Check: No trigger

Gillian: Now boosted by Astrea, Theo attacks

Drive Check: No trigger

Damage Check: No trigger

Gillian: Turn end

Hand 5

Aichi: Draw, I Ride Beaumeans and call 2 more! Beaumeans attacks rear Theo

Gillian: Go ahead

Aichi: Beaumeans attacks once more!

Damage Check: Critical Trigger

Aichi: Boosted by Corron, Beaumeans attacks!

Drive Check: No Trigger

Damage Check: No Trigger

Aichi: I end my turn

Hand 4 Damage 2

Gillian: Draw, I Ride Lazarus and call Basil, and Argos behind... Basil attacks

Aichi: Beaumeans intercepts

Gillian swaps her Basil with her Argos

Gillian: Argos attacks, Boosted by Astrea Lazarus attacks

Drive Check: Stand Trigger

Gillian: All to my Argos!

Damage Check: No Trigger

Gillian: Argos attacks your rear

Aichi: I guard!

Gillian: Hmph, Turn end

Hand 4 Damage 2

Aichi: Draw!

Hand 4 Damage 3

Rolfagia:  Things are not looking good on this side, should be go to their rescue now
Soldier of Destiny?

Daiken: Shut up, and not yet, it’s too early

Mickey: Dailanders right, it’s too early to decide and he might change the tables with a
Grade 3

Daiken: Micks, not you too....

Kira:  You shouldn’t bully Daimariner like that...

Daiken: I... Hate you all.....

Winds~: Daikengo, look Roy kuns fight is about to end

Daiken: Finally... a decent name

Charlene: Navelgazer, hang in there!

Damage Check: No trigger

Hand 4 Damage 5

Xroly: Let’s finish this off, Silver Wolf Garmore boosted by Charjgal attacks! Limit

Charlene: I don’t have enough to guard... No Guard

Damage Check: No trigger

Charlene: I... lost sis

Gillian: We both lost...

A swirl of dark flames appeared in front of the twins, Xroly and Aichi leaped back in
surprise, before them was Leon.

Leon: I’m afraid this is the end of the line for you two and everyone else here

The crowd muttered to eachother, both annoyed and angry.

Aichi: Leon! Were you the one who was causing all of this?

Xroly: No, it’s the power that he possesses that is causing this, Void

Ren: And his scent is really strong....

Leon: No hard feelings but i’m going to become the Sky Hero and bring back Aqua Force

Daiken: Enough

Daiken landed from above, followed by the rest in a protective stance

Aichi: Dai!

Ren: Micks, Rolf, Kira!

Xroly: Winds~ it’s dangerous, don’t get too close to Leon!

Daiken walked slowly towards Leon not letting Leon out of his sight.

Daiken: We didn’t mind the little cardfight but you’re not welcome here, Void

Leon: I don’t have time for you four

Daiken: I don’t mind fighting over my title but that’s if you can defeat every challenger
you have to face at the Royale

Leon: I guess its a deal, you can try as much as you can to defeat me but no matter how
much you try I will always be better than you weaklings

Leon slowly disappeared with the wind, the crowd muttered words to eachother. The four
softened their stance.

Winds~: Dai, are you serious about this?

Daiken: Don’t worry, I can defeat him if I try hard enough but I don’t think I will be
facing him.. since i’m sure that there is someone here that has business with him.

The muttering was interrupted by a wicked laugh, they all turned to the archway.

Takuto: Welcome to the Cray Heroes Battle Royale! The rules are simple, its single battles
and you will each have to go through 1 door, each door will lead you to a room were you
will battle your opponent, who will reach the top? I wish the best of luck to everyone!

Emi: Tch, looks like Takuto won’t be a challenger, I have a strange feeling about that kid

Ren: I hope I get to battle you Aichi, let’s get going!

Ren dragged Aichi and Emi towards great archway to join in the games.

Winds~: Must be a boring job being the Sky Hero in the games, having to wait till your
opponent arrives....

Mickey: Hope to see you at the top Dai

Kira: Best of luck guys

Rolfagia: Back at you.

Dennis felt a tremor, this time he has gained full control over his body and can move

Dennis: Looks like the Royale has started.... Please defeat Leon.
Sorry for the skip in the fight, Gillian uses a Tri Stinger deck :o and the inside jokes a apologize if they are not funny ^^;

Known Heroes:

Sea Hero: Souryu Leon ( Water )
Storm Hero: Winds~ ( Water ) - Guardian -
Holy Hero: Mickey ( Light )
Insect Hero: Raikou ( Earth ) - Researcher -
Blaze Hero: Vendette ( Fire ) - Fighter -
Demon Hero: Rolfagia ( Dark ) - Researcher -
Paladin Hero: Sendou Aichi ( Earth/Light )
Wolf Hero: Xroly ( Earth ) - Guardian -
Garden Hero: Leo ( Earth ) - Guardian -
Marine Hero: Blaster ( Water ) - Guardian -
Sky Hero: Daiken ( All ) - Guardian/Fighter -
Shadow Hero: Emi ( Dark ) - Guardian -
Gold Hero: Ren ( Earth ) - Fighter -

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lolz, Dailander, Daimariner, Daikengo xD loool I was laughing at that part ;D Great chapter~ Waiting for more~~~ ^W^bb
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Thanks xD Its so sad how theres plenty of names to tease him with :p
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