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Chapter 23: Disturbance

Leon: Is everything going according to plan?

???: Perfectly, Master

???: Hey, Gilliane... should we really be doing this?

Gilliane: Of course Charlene! If we follow Master Leons orders we can live the peaceful
live we used to live

Leon and Gilliane walked towards the long corridor, Charlene glanced at Dennis, he was
sitting in the corner alone looking through the window

Charlene: You don't like this feeling too?

Dennis reached his hand out and patted the girls head gently

Dennis: There are times were I cant follow this kid anymore, he is now walking over a path
which I'm not ready to walk on

Dennis pushed Charlene towards the door, the girl tried to resist

Dennis: Look after the kid for me, OK? i'll be fine here by myself

Charlene hesitated, soon she rushed to her members disappearing from his sight.

Neo: Your finally here Kira, what took you so long?

Kira and Aichi were panting, it was still dark with little lighting and it was strangely silent

Kira: I had to bring a hero here, it would be a tough job without one

Neo stretched his hand out to Aichi, he shook it lightly

Neo: Not sure if we have met before but i'm Neo and this is my partner Kira

Strange ripping noises appeared, it was faint but it got louder and louder

Aichi: What's making those noises?

Neo: Ah, it's a Unit that is trying to get through to this world, i'll show you

They rushed towards the sound, they stopped, Neo pointed at a strange hole in the ally

Neo: I already started to try and seal it but this Unit is persistent

Aichi: Why is this happening? The Unit must be looking for something

Kira: I wouldnt have a clue but I can understand if its attracted because of you and other
heroes in this world

Neo: What we dont know is why are they acting like this?

Rolfagia: Maybe they're being controlled by someone....

The gang leaped, Rolfagia glanced at their startled look on their faces

Rolfagia: It's cool, anyways I returned the red haired safely, enjoying the scene?

Neo: You shouldnt be here Rolf, this kind of stuff is in our field, you should go and look
after people around this area

The gang got startled as a black claw got through the hole

Rolfagia: They must be excited that the main event is about to start...

Neo: Aichi, use any card to send that Unit back!

Aichi quickly went through his deck, he picked up and showed a Speeder Hound card

Kira: Maybe something useful at attacking.... Since this Unit is a Darkmetal Dragon you
should use a card that is a Grade 3

Aichi took out his Blonde Ezel, suddenly a faint image of Ezel appeared and dashed towards
the claw

Aichi: How did I....

Ezel lifted his blade and swung it at the claw, it released its grip and disappeared in
the hole

Kira: Nice work! Now we can finish this

Neo closed his eyes, the hole slowly closed till it was nothing, he sighed with relief

Kira: I don't have a clue why these Units are attacking this world but our job is to
protect the Units from going into this world, that means that we have to stop the passage
from Cray to Earth

Aichi: Rolf, you said something about a " Main event "?

Rolfagia: Ah, that. I'll explain it on the way back to your house

Leon: Hmph, it seems that failed badly

Chris: It would have worked if the Alliance didnt come along...

Takuto: Theres no need to rush, we have now and when the day the heroes will battle
each other out

Leon: I havent heard of this.... Care to tell me?

Takuto: Theres a reason why we have humans chosen to be heroes representing Clans... this
is so we can find out who will lead Cray

Rolfagia:... On that day all the heroes meet in Cray to participate in a tournament like
battle, the person who is victorious and stands at the top is worthy of leading Cray

Aichi: Does Ren know about this?

Rolfagia: Of course, I told him about this

The two stopped outside his window

Rolfagia: i'll warn you, that day it wont be like the Circuit level, heroes are strong
fighters from across the world, don't even think about letting your guard down, even if
they are your allies.

Mickey: It's been a while.... Emi

The young women walked out of the shadows, her chestnut hair falls to neck lngth, next to
her was a male with blonde spiky hair

Emi: What business does Final Turn have with us?

Emi panned her eyes at the male, his eyes were glaring at Winds~, she exchanged looks

Emi: I havent seen Birdie in a long time, it seem time doesn't bound their rivalry

Winds~: Its been a while, Birdy... say should we have a quick game before I have to leave?

Falcon: Of course, while i'm at it I'll let you leave feeling defeat, Birdie.

Falcon: its a draw huh?

Winds~: As expected... Birdy did train after all this time

Mickey looked at his pocket watch, he bowed and walked towards the door

Mickey: Winds~ its time to leave, we have the information we need so we should report it back to our members

Winds~ waved and rushed to Mickeys side, they walked down the unlit corridor

Winds~: Singapore is 2 hours behind were I live huh? I would be asleep by now Micks

Mickey: Hold it together for a little longer

Winds~ let out a warn out yawn

Winds~: So now we know the Shadow Hero will be participating... i'm glad all the fun
fighters are participating
Small but I didn't want to make people wait too long, got exams really soon so it will be delayed xD
Edit: I seriously did get the title wrong so its fixed now

Known Heroes:

Sea Hero: Souryu Leon ( Water )
Storm Hero: Winds~ ( Water ) - Guardian -
Holy Hero: Mickey ( Light )
Insect Hero: Raikou ( Earth ) - Researcher -
Blaze Hero: Vendette ( Fire ) - Fighter -
Demon Hero: Rolfagia ( Dark ) - Researcher -
Paladin Hero: Sendou Aichi ( Earth/Light )
Wolf Hero: Xroly ( Earth ) - Guardian -
Garden Hero: Leo ( Earth ) - Guardian -
Marine Hero: Blaster ( Water ) - Guardian -
Sky Hero: Daiken ( All ) - Guardian/Fighter -
Shadow Hero: Emi ( Dark )

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