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Chapter 18: Tag team Tri

Chris: Leo pald attacks!

Blaster: No guard....

Within seconds the blades of Leo pald had pierced Blasters Navalgazer Dragon; he packed
his cards up and glared at Neo.

Chris: Where's Lee?

Neo: His match was finished long ago

Chris: what!?

Blaster: Time pauses over in the real world but in this case time has stopped here so your
friend hasn't noticed you gone

Chris felt panic deep down; he took a deep breath and deactivated his Psyqualia.

Chris: When can I go back?

Neo: When we have our fight, you up for it?

Chris nodded, Neo took Blasters place, placed his deck and quickly got ready, and Chris
did the same.

Both: Stand up!

Chris: Flask Marmoset

Neo: Dimensional Robo, Goyusha

Chris gazed at new unit, it was a small alien and it looked harmless.

Neo: Draw, I Ride Dimensional Robo, Daimariner! Goyusha is moved to the back row and I end
my turn

Hand 5

Chris mind: I have never seen this kind of build before, I'll still win anyways

Chris: Draw, I Ride Silver Wolf, I move Marmoset behind and boost Silver Wolf attacking
the Vanguard

Drive Check: Leo pald

Damage Check: Army Penguin ( Draw Trigger )

Neo: Draw trigger, power to my Vanguard and draw

Hand 6 damage 1

Chris: Turn end

Hand 6

Neo: Draw, I Ride Daidragon and call 2 other Daidragons
Teh Daidragons


Neo: left Daidragon attacks

Damage Check: Silver wolf

Neo: Now the right

Chris: guard with Dictionary Goat!

Neo: Hmphf boosted by Goyusha, Daidragon attacks

Drive Check: Dailander

Damage check: Alarm Chicken

Neo: Turn end

Hand 5 damage 1

Chris: Draw, I Ride Geograph Giant and call Compass lion and Stamp Otter

Neos eyebrow raised at the called cards.

Neo: So you called Stamp Otter huh? Looks like this match is warming up.

Vendette: Lawkeeper Limit Break!

Kai places his rear guards to one place on the field, he tensed a little but he refused to
show any fear.

Vendette: Boosted by Raopia, Lawkeeper attacks!

Kai looked at his hand then to his opponent's cards, he then looked over to his partner's hand, 2 cards and he knew that one of them was a Grade 3.

Kai: No guard....

Ren: I can't guard either.... sorry Kai

Twin Drive: Lawkeeper and Blue Ray Dracokid ( Critical Trigger )

Vendette: power to Archdragon and critical to the Vanguard

Kai slowly did his damage checks, both were Genjo, a Heal Trigger.

Kai: My Vanguard is now 21,000

Vendette; ahh yes, but I still have 2 more attacks, boosted by bahr, Archdragon attacks (
21,000 )

Ren: Fortune Bell guards!

Vendette: Nice save, well here comes my stronger Archdragon boosted by Bahr! ( 26,000 )

Ren: No guard.. It's all up to you Kai

Kai: No guard...

Kai shown his hand to Vendette, only 5000 shield he took the damage check.

Damage Check: Vermilion

Kai: We lost...

Vendette stretched his hand and shook hands, he was glad to get some pay back but he
seemed serious, he kept looking up at the sky.

Ren: Are you OK?

Vendette: Yeah... anyways good game AL4

Ren: sacred warriors huh?

Vendette looked back to Ren, his eyes widened.

Ren: Your team has certain avatars that act as sacred protector's right? Then I think I
know one of them

Vendette: Hmm?

Ren: Dragonic Lawkeeper represents Power, taking out rear guards and powering up allies
with their skills, it sort of got its name from that I believe

Kai: Is it only just that one Unit?

Vendette: No, we have others who use them but you guys just haven't seen them... yet.

Vendette waved and walked into the jungle entrance along with Vanessa, without a word they
were gone and out of sight.

Ren: Should we go back to camp?

Kai: Not for me, I have business here.

Leon: Maelstrom attacks! ( 26,000 )

Leon immediately got used to the new rules; it was different to the tag team rules in the
circuit except one of the rules is that he can only attack the person in front of him.

Light: Fortune Bell  guards!  Nemean Lion Intercepts!

Leo: Iris guards!

Leon: It's useless, Twin Drive!

Twin Drive: Battleship Intelligence ( Critical Trigger )

Light: Oh no!

Leon: all the effects to my Vanguard!

Damage check: 2 Duke Dragons

Light and Leo: good game you two

Leon: Where is she?

Light: She isn't here today, she is off somewhere far away.. That's what she told me

Leon rudely leaves leaving Denis to give a proper leave.

Denis: don't mind him, he was always like that ever since we met, thank you for the match

Leo: it's nothing

Leo mind: We were sort of forced to do this

Chris struggled to defend Neos attacks, in the next turn Neo guards all his attacks
without breaking a sweat.

Chris: I can survive this turn!

Neo: Not for long, Boosted by Glory Maker, Great Daiyusha attacks!

Chris: 2 Lump Camels guard!

Blaster: Not good

Chris: Why?

Blaster: Great Daiyusha will do everything in his power to bring justice

Neo: Twin Drive!

Check: Daiyusha

Chris: one more

Check: Justice Rose

Chris jerked back, his face dimmed.

Neo: all to the Vanguard!

Chris saw his Leo pald cower as a large sword formed from out of nowhere and lunged
towards it, the defence was broken and Leo pald took the blow.

Damage Check: Leo pald

Chris: I lost...

Leo pald let out a roar, it turned into green sparkles and soon disappeared in thin air,
before him was Neo and Chris realized that he was back at the real world.

Lee: We tried...

Chris: You won't win next time, I guarantee it!

Neo: Say what you want but nothing will change the outcome of a match, Kira lets go

After Neo and Kira disappeared, Chris walked slowly back to camp and heard a faint voice
in his mind

Blaster: Great Daiyusha represents Justice in the team, I have warned you...

Team Q3 arrived at their destination; they heard everything surrounding them, the sound of
the waves crashing and the sound of the wind. They braced themselves but no one was there.

Kamui: So it was a joke after call...

???: I hope you enjoyed the view

Both of them turned, it was 2 shadowy figures, one was a bit shorter than the other but
they were too far away to recognise from the distance,

???: I hope you guys are ready to have fun!
11:55am here... really need to sleep more importantly WHY AM I STILL AWAKE? :iconwthplz: once again slow because of school stuff

Known Heroes:

Sea Hero: Souryu Leon ( Water )
Storm Hero: Winds~ ( Water ) - Guardian -
Holy Hero: Mickey ( Light )
Insect Hero: Raikou ( Earth ) - Researcher -
Blaze Hero: Vendette ( Fire ) - Fighter -
Demon Hero: Rolfagia ( Dark ) - Researcher -
Paladin Hero: Sendou Aichi ( Earth/Light )
Wolf Hero: Xroly ( Earth ) - Guardian -
Garden Hero: Leo ( Earth ) - Guardian -
Marine Hero: Blaster ( Water ) - Guardian -
Sky Hero: Daiken ( All ) - Guardian/Fighter -

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