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Chapter 17: The Letter

The gang took a slow stride, Vanessa soon caught up and swung her arms around Vendette,
Neo comforted her.

Vanessa: Arte... Arte is....

Mickey: We know. It's best if we just leave it for another time. Let's go Vanessa

Vendette: We have a tournament to go to; we should try and concentrate on the matches

Neo: Try and think of it as fighting for him

Vanessa wiped her tears with her sleeve; she was back to her bubbly self and hugged
everyone tightly.

Vanessa: Thank you guys; I'll try my best for him... I want to see his smile

Chris: What's this?

Chris bent over and picked up a sealed envelope under his pillow, Lee and Ali sat beside
him to see what's inside, he opened it carefully and a small golden paper dropped on the

Ali: Hmm?

Ali picked it up; it was cut in a shape of a bird with long feathers like a long tail, its
wings raised up gracefully and its head up and beak open.

Ali: A bird

Lee: Ali, look here!

Ali craned his head to read the letter that was inside the envelope, Chris took a deep
breath and placed it on his lap.

Chris: Looks like we have been challenged guys and they already planned the details

Lee: When are we going to fight them?

Chris: Today in an hour time

Ali: Only an hour!?

Chris: Yeah, let's get lunch and then meet at the Far East side of the island

Denis rushed to Leon; Leon stretched and took the item from him.

Denis: It seems something interesting is about to happen, you read it

Leon takes a quick look at the letter; he finished reading and tucked it in his uniform.

Leon: So the far west side of this island? Seems interesting, we better get moving

Denis: Indeed, never heard of this team before but if its training then it's worth a try!

Ren felt something on the tip of his nose, his eyes open wide to see an opened letter
perfectly balanced, and he grabbed it and began reading it. Tetsu brought in cups of tea
and Asaka crouched beside Ren.

Asaka: Master Ren, is it something important?

Tetsu: We have been challenged but no name was noted there, could it be a trick?

Asaka: Tetsu may be right Ren; this is just a joke so we shouldn't bother with this

Ren: Nah, I think it would be fun to find out if it's a lie, let's go you too to the
southern side of the island!

Ren leaped out of the couch and skipped towards their destination, Asaka and Tetsu let out
a long sigh and followed him.

Shin: Aichi, Kamui and Misaki! I have a message for you all

The 3 all sat silently together, each all interested in the announcement; Shin folded the
piece of paper and slid it in his chest pocket.

Shin: Team Q4 has been challenged by another team for the first time, the team is unknown
but whatever it is I have a feeling that they know us

Shin flung the paper from his pocket to the group, it didn't take long for them to read
it, and they all seemed motivated.

Kamui: I wonder what it is going to be like! To be challenged from a team that's not in
the tournaments!

Misaki: I wouldn't get your hopes up, it seems suspicious

Aichi: Misaki may be right, have you guys noticed that this place is just Q4 only? The
other teams already set off somewhere without any notice

Misaki: only others left here is Miwa and the others, I wonder what this challenge is

Shin: If we left, Miwa would be able to look after the place while we are gone, and what
do you guys think? Should we go in or should we leave it?

Kamui: Of course we accept it!

Aichi&Misaki: Kamui!

Kamui: If we don't accept, it may leave us an impression that we are weak and scared, if
we accept this and win than that's going to make us noticed

Aichi and Misaki slowly turned their gaze at Shin, he was nodding.

Shin: Then it's decided; we will go and find out about the challenge! Let's do our best!

Q4: Yeah!

Daiken watches carefully at the image inside the mirror, his elbow rested on the arm rest
and his fist supporting his chin, he saw Q4 walking towards a path to the northern side of
the island.

Winds~: I don't understand why you're doing this but whatever you're up to I hope it won't
cause trouble

Pellinore opened his eyes and stared at her, it was a lazy stare and he was half awake,
Daiken jerked his head towards the Unit.

Daiken: Did she wake you?

She could see the Units mouth move but nothing came out, she relaxed and looked back at

Daiken: its fine, he's not angry all he said was "Yeah, but it's alright I was going to go
get some fresh air anyways "

Winds~: Why are you interested in him? Why are we even doing this Dai?

Daiken lifted himself out of the seat and took slow steps; he stopped when they were close
enough to whisper.

Daiken: One question at a time. Why we are doing this? Because what's more fun than
training with other teams?

Winds~: That's true but after what happened to Arte... Do you really think we should trust
those Shadow legions?

Daiken: Everyone is told that he died because of a sickness; we don't want to tell the
members about the true reason... not until they are all prepared to

Vermilion let out a low growling sound, it was a sad sound and it was really dull, she
stroked its forehead. Daiken stared outside the window.

Daiken: Aichi knows something that I need to know

Chris and his members soon reached their destination, in front of them was a large
fighting stage. Chris realized that it's the same table used in Hong Kong's.

Chris: Which one of you will tag with me?

Lee: I'll tag with you then

Blaster: So this is where they wanted us to go huh?

Maka: Hey! It's Team SIT Genus!

Ali: Why are you guys here? Who are you?

Blaster and Maka made an epic entrance, Blaster bowed.

Blaster: I'm Blaster and Maka is my tag team buddy, we are Team Glorious Empire!

Maka: Why are you guys here anyways?

Chris threw the small golden cutting of the bird, it flew onto his hands and he observed

Maka: I see... so they are here as well, I guess they needed us to help with their work

Ali: Huh?

Neo: It's a tag team battle; get your selves ready guys!

Blaster: Neo! Its FT's representative of ------

Maka: Justice!

Chris and Lee slammed their deck on the table.

Lee: What's that small title got to do with us anyways? We are fighting so don't bother
with that kid!

Maka: You guys seem rough... well my deck loves fights like that

Blaster and Maka gently placed their deck on the table, everyone was ready to fight

Chris and Lee: Stand Up! Vanguard!

Blaster and Maka: Stand up!

Chris looked around him; it was strange because he wasn't with Lee.

Chris: Lee? Where are you?

Neo: Calm down, Lee is safe

Chris: You did this! I'll destroy this guy than you!

Neo: You're challenging me to a card fight after this one?

Chris: Yes! Unless you're scared?

Neo: Scared? Nah, I was just thinking of what deck to use against you

Blasters mind: Chris, you're getting into a fight with the wrong guy
Late post because I had a lot of school stuff to do :( still do.

Known Heroes:

Sea Hero: Souryu Leon ( Water )
Storm Hero: Winds~ ( Water ) - Guardian -
Holy Hero: Mickey ( Light )
Insect Hero: Raikou ( Earth ) - Researcher -
Blaze Hero: Vendette ( Fire ) - Fighter -
Demon Hero: Rolfagia ( Dark ) - Researcher -
Paladin Hero: Sendou Aichi ( Earth/Light )
Wolf Hero: Xroly ( Earth ) - Guardian -
Garden Hero: Leo ( Earth ) - Guardian -
Marine Hero: Blaster ( Water ) - Guardian -
Sky Hero: Daiken ( All ) - Guardian/Fighter -

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